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9 easy ways to stay up to date with social media trends

Social media is an ever-growing and evolving landscape with new platforms launching and new features being released on a frequent basis. Being able to reach your target audience on the right platform with the right feature or placement is crucial.…
Case Studies

Creating digital solutions for CPG clients to drive strong ROAS

Vertical/Industry:  CPG - Food and Beverage Challenge 2020 was the year for rapid escalation of all things e-commerce and delivery. In particular, online grocery shopping grew 53%, with an expected continuation of growth from both increased frequency and growth in…
Programmatic Insights

Why measurement is important in a cookieless environment

How do we know our marketing is working? This is one of the most important questions clients pose to agency teams. For the past few years, the ubiquity of cookies and third party pixel tags (such as Facebook or Floodlight)…

Measure what matters

One of my long-standing mantras at Coegi is ‘Measure What Matters’.  So I was very intrigued last week when the ANA released a report entitled ‘Media KPIs That Matter’.  What it found won’t surprise too many of us that work in performance marketing:…

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