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Introduction to Coegi

By June 2, 2014March 21st, 2018No Comments

Media consumption has never been more fragmented than it is today, and finding your audience across the various channels has never been such a challenge. It’s not only the sheer volume of technology companies, each offering similar services with jargon-filled sales pitches; it’s also that each of these companies produces and reports its data differently, making it time-consuming to accurately evaluate performance.

Coegi: Who We Are & What We Do
Coegi was founded to help agencies and clients wade through the chaos. From social, to video, to display and mobile, to emerging digital marketing opportunities – we bring audiences and advertisers together as a single digital partner. From the beginning, we have made it our mission to deliver a best-in-class digital advertising experience through hands-on campaign management and optimization that delivers measurable and actionable results. When you partner with Coegi, you can be confident that the brightest minds and the best technology will be at your disposal.

Technology: Breaking It Down
We are obsessed with technology, and are constantly vetting and evaluating the evolving digital media landscape, from tried-and-true names like Google and Facebook, to the hundreds of cutting-edge, VC-backed upstarts. As new technologies emerge, we are on the forefront of innovation. We take a curious and skeptical approach in our analysis of these firms, asking critical questions, conducting experiments, and ultimately only choosing to work with the top performers in the industry. 

Big Data: Bringing It All Together
Compounding the challenge of fragmentation is that ‘Big Data’ is inherently inefficient to work with.  Data comes in all shapes and sizes, and it takes a team of data-centric campaign managers to efficiently distill and combine raw numbers into actionable insights.

At Coegi, we work tirelessly towards a single goal: to bring it all together (the Latin definition of Coegi is to bring together). We understand that the devil is often in the details, and we enjoy getting our hands dirty in spreadsheets and pivot reports. This is why we put such a premium on transparency, from both our technology partners and with our clients. Efficient data analysis recognizes when you need a 30,000 foot view, when you need to use a microscope, and when to just use the naked eye (hint: the naked eye usually wins).

Proprietary Performance Model: Executing & Evaluating Campaigns
One of the many ways we centralize the execution of digital marketing campaigns is through our proprietary performance model, which combines data from ad servers, website analytics and multiple media channels to evaluate campaign objectives. Although the model is custom-tailored to each individual campaign’s specific objectives, we take great strides to evaluate each media channel with the same criteria. We certainly recognize that video, social, mobile, display and search campaigns need to be measured and considered independently, but the goal of Coegi’s performance model is to be as media-neutral as possible, to accurately assess and predict performance.

Our methods are not meant to replace the traditional ways of evaluating advertising. We have the utmost respect and admiration for both the creative and media planning processes, and we only seek to provide the best possible execution of well-conceived advertising campaigns. We know that not everything can be boiled down to a formula, and that the best ideas are a result of successful collaboration between multiple teams. The best advertising is both an art and a science, both poetry and math. Our team at Coegi recognizes the beauty and necessity of both. We value qualitative observations just as much as quantitative ones. 

Efficiency & Innovation: Setting The Standard For Success
Coegi would never have come to fruition unless there was a need for it in the marketplace. As media buyers, we know the burden of managing dozens of IOs for dozens of different tactics just to execute a single campaign. For the end-client, this is inefficient and problematic, and it’s a trend that will only get worse as smartphones and tablets become more ubiquitous, and as social media channels continue to diversify.

Digital advertising is the most labor-intensive medium in the industry, and it’s this fact that fuels our obsessive focus on efficiency and innovation. We work unremittingly to remain on the cusp of change and deliver the leading digital advertising experience in the industry.

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