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Sitting Down With Sean Cotton – A Review of the December 2015 iMedia Agency Summit

By December 21, 2015March 21st, 2018No Comments

Coegi’s president, Sean Cotton, attended the iMedia Agency Summit this month and we sat down with him on his return to ask about some of the highlights from the conference, trends in the programmatic industry that were discussed and how Coegi is doing in those areas.

Coegi President, Sean Cotton, moderating a panel on programmatic creative at the iMedia Agency Summit held in Scottsdale, AZ December, 6-9, 2015.

What was the major theme of the iMedia conference?
The summit theme was ‘Creativity Meets Automation,’ so there was quite a bit of content about aligning the programmatic approach of media to the creative execution. Using technology to bring a greater level of optimization to the creative process, like what already exists with programmatic media, can help marketers deliver the most relevant messages to their ideal audiences.

Why is this an important topic?
We use programmatic technology to purchase and optimize more than 50% of all online media. It is not unusual for a programmatic media campaign to have 15-20 different targeting segments. In addition, in order to drive the best performance, teams continually optimize the media. However, the creative that is running with that media is often what was delivered at the beginning of the campaign and consists of one, or perhaps two, versions that are designed to appeal to a mass demographic audience. This is obviously a very important topic in light of current issues such as ad blocking that stem, in part, from online users viewing ads as irrelevant to their interests.

You moderated a panel that discussed this topic. What is the general opinion on where the industry is at right now in regard to programmatic, or automated, creative?
The consensus is that, as an industry, we still have a ways to go. Aligning creative optimization with media optimization requires much coordination and collaboration among several entities- the brand, the agency and the other partners, like Coegi, who are overseeing the execution of the media delivery. However, there is definitely progress in this area with the use of dynamic creative optimization, and there are several technology companies in the space right now that are bringing the tools to market that will help streamline this process.

Based on the discussion at the conference and from what you have seen as Coegi works with various agency partners, what would you say are some key steps that can be taken to better align creative optimization and execution with that of the media?
Certainly, early communication and collaboration are important to establish how programmatic creative or dynamic optimization can support marketing objectives and goals. Following that, it is necessary to bring together the tools and platforms needed to execute. Then finally, as the media delivers the creative into the marketplace, keeping everyone up-to-date on performance and impact of the creative optimization will help all involved to see the benefits from this approach and want to continue this process on future marketing campaigns.

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