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Recapping the 2016 Google BrandHealth Summit

By March 17, 2016March 21st, 2018No Comments

In February, Coegi attended the 2016 Google BrandHealth Summit in Chicago. We sat down with Maggie Konz, one of our Account Managers working in the healthcare vertical, to see what she had to say about the event.

What was the Summit theme?

The theme of the summit was healthcare and marketing – where are the two industries headed and what can marketers do to improve the user experience with healthcare marketing today.

Why is that an important topic?

Healthcare marketing is important because healthcare is a service most people will need at some point in their life. Today, people can use various forms of technology to both treat their current symptoms and research physicians, so marketers must reach users of all different backgrounds in a way that resonates with them individually. Furthermore, with advancements in technology, it’s critical that users are up-to-date on all services available to them.

Based on both your own experience with healthcare marketing and the summit, what would you say is the biggest challenge with marketing in the healthcare vertical?

The biggest challenge with healthcare marketing is using differentiated messaging and tactics that both resonate and improve the life of the user.

How is Coegi working to address those challenges and move healthcare marketing forward?

Coegi is addressing these challenges by recommending innovative, individualized strategies to reach users at all points and in all life stages. We do this by differentiating our targeting based on the creative, the user experience, the region in which the user lives, etc.

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