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How to Sidestep Banner Blindness Through Native Advertising

By April 13, 2017March 20th, 2018No Comments

We at Coegi love to help brands overcome banner blindness programmatically through premium site placement and strategic targeting, but we also believe pairing these efforts with native advertising is a terrific way to boost engagement in today’s crowded marketing climate.

Why? Because native ads don’t look like the typical ads that are more susceptible to banner blindness. They match the look and feel of the other content on a host site or platform, which allows marketers to reach prospective buyers in a highly organic fashion.

As a result, native ads are viewed 52 percent more often than banner ads.

However, the ultimate goal of native advertising isn’t to earn clicks; it’s to provide value through relevant content. Posting misleading headlines and sales pitches won’t get you anywhere. You actually need to deliver something educational and entertaining. Otherwise, you’re wasting your audience’s time.

At Coegi, we ensure every native campaign we create delivers on its promise while transparently identifying the brand behind the content. We don’t trick users into clicking on our ads; we want them to engage with the content and develop positive feelings about the company that authored it.

We’ve spent years perfecting our native advertising strategies to make sure campaigns result in as much engagement as possible. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way:

  1. Use what you already have.You don’t need to begin your foray into native advertising with a clean slate. Save time by cataloging your existing content and repurposing each relevant piece into native ads. Be sure to reword them, add up-to-date statistics, give them new headlines, and perhaps even change their target audiences. Not nearly enough marketers realize they’ve already created a gold mine of content that can be used again and again down the road.
  2. Try multiple creative approaches.Curious whether a different headline might drive better results? Not sure which image to use as your thumbnail? Here’s some good news: There’s no rule that says two ads can’t link back to the same content. Go ahead and try out multiple creative approaches to see which drive the best results. Don’t forget to collect data along the way, and then use that knowledge to make the next campaigns even better.
  3. Hit specific audiences.Avoid using the “spray and pay” approach when launching a native advertising campaign. If you create generic content in an attempt to appeal to everyone, consumers won’t gain a clear sense of your brand’s true identity and core offering. Map your audience by demographic and engagement, and then tailor your content to attract the people most likely to appreciate what you have to offer.

Don’t limit your digital presence to standard display ads that produce low engagement figures. Contact Coegi today to learn more about how programmatic advertising across all digital formats can help your brand boost engagement with online consumers.

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