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Health Care Case Study

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Coegi worked with one of the nation’s largest hospital corporations to increase consideration and foot traffic to the client’s emergency rooms


The clients key initiatives were to increase brand awareness of low ER wait times, consideration and ultimately ‘heads in beds’ for fifteen hospitals in the southeastern region of the United States. Coegi’s suggestions included:

  • Target the key health care decision-maker of the family: Moms
  • Raise awareness and effectiveness of ad spend by focusing on impressions with the highest likelihood of being in-view
  • Leverage dynamic creative optimization to place current ER wait times from an RSS feed into banner advertising
  • Drive consideration by contextually matching ad impressions with highly relevant content
  • Increase foot traffic by using smart geo-fencing practices
Programmatic Strategies

Coegi’s programmatic team used a blended targeting approach to significantly increase key metrics from the 2014 campaign. Through the below outlined tactics viewability, CTR and foot traffic increased significantly:

  • Audience Targeting
    • Targeted display ads based on demographic and likelihood to have health insurance
  • Contextual Targeting
    • Private Marketplace deals with WebMD, and Everyday Health to serve ads to the most qualified audience in a premium environment
  • Geo-Targeting
    • Targeted a 100-meter radius around physicians office’s and other competitors
  • Retargeting
    • Capped impressions one user is served over time across all devices, using cross-device technology
Results - Viewability

Coegi increased viewable impressions nearly two-fold from the previous year’s campaign.

Results - Foot Traffic

The client reported a 30%increase in foot traffic overall to their fifteen ERs year-over-year during the duration of the campaign.


Coegi’s agency partner and their end client have expressed great satisfaction with the results of this ER branding campaign. The agency and client have expanded the current program to include 14 additional markets, are developing conversion & micro-conversion pixels to better target those farther along in the decision making process and are considering a Native strategy per Coegi’s recommendation.

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