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5 Strategies to Achieve Premium ROI in B2B Social Media Marketing

By August 4, 2017January 18th, 2018No Comments

Social media marketing may seem like a natural fit for B2C brands, but we at Coegi know B2B brands can also thrive in this arena.

Even if you’re selling products or services to other companies, the key decision makers who work for those brands spend their time browsing a variety of social media platforms. They’ve created personal profiles full of rich data, enabling your brand to easily target the right audience with relevant messages.

Further, the native nature of social media marketing produces higher engagement rates than standard display advertising. Because social media platforms encourage interaction and sharing, they provide a great way to organically disseminate content to a wide audience.

Here are five strategies Coegi uses to help B2B brands achieve premium ROI through social media marketing:


A common misconception is that LinkedIn is the best (or only) relevant social media platform for B2B marketers. In reality, Facebook’s reach is exponentially greater.
Through supreme targeting of custom audiences and strategic use of both first- and third-party data, our B2B campaigns on Facebook are typically the top performers.



Reaching B2B decision makers on social media is only half the battle; the messages you send need to be relevant to their wants and interests. When brands broadcast customized messages, consumers feel more compelled to buy. Customized messaging can be tricky when dealing with a diverse audience, so we segment various personalities and develop content for each group



We at Coegi know that different types of people prefer to see different types of ads. So we go above and beyond to ensure the formats we leverage will resonate with the target audience. For example, if the brands within your target audience tend to have younger decision makers, we’ll gravitate toward creating short-form video content — a popular medium among the Millennial demographic.


To determine your optimal attribution window for conversions, we share content consistently across social channels until we can pinpoint the times that drive the highest ROI. This attribution window can change depending on the length of your sales cycle; the longer the sales cycle, the bigger the window. The goal is to examine the entire purchase cycle to improve both lead generation and your social funnel.


A surprising number of companies (41 percent of them, in fact) don’t know whether their social campaigns are actually paying off. This problem arises because they don’t use conversion tracking. By monitoring lead form completion and on-site video views, we can see which tactics generate the best results — and we can optimize future campaigns based on these insights.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a B2B brand or a B2C brand: Your audience will respond favorably to tailor-made messages within trusted environments. That’s what makes social media marketing such a powerful tool for companies across the board.

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