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Announcing our Exclusive Optimizer Tool

By September 25, 2017January 18th, 2018No Comments

We’re excited to announce we have officially completed the roll-out of Coegi’s proprietary Optimizer tool to our internal team.

Our Optimizer tool will make Coegi’s campaign optimization process more efficient and faster than ever – enabling us to provide almost instantaneous campaign insights to our clients. The tool is expected to save over 10,000 hours per year our team spends optimizing campaigns, allowing our team to offer more insights to our clients.

Coegi’s Optimizer is a tool for campaign optimization that helps eliminate the time and effort needed for data pull and creating reporting during the campaign optimization process. Account Managers and Campaign Specialists can now go straight to analyzing data using beautiful and intuitive visualizations.

How are we utilizing Optimizer to make efficient optimizations?

1) Performance comparison and drill-down which provides in-depth analysis on various aspects of campaigns
For example, we can quickly compare performance across creative size and further drill down to specific creative versions.

In the example below, based on client goals, we are setting CTR goal of 0.1% and viewability goal of 60%. Overall, we are meeting CTR goal but underperforming in regards to viewability.

Based on data, we can make following optimizations:

  • 1st Optimization: For creative size 728×90 and 300×600, raise viewability threshold, aka – bid on inventory with higher viewability performance (ex: above 60%). We will also keep an eye on scale –  if this optimization limits scale, we can consider increasing CPM bid since the current CPM for both 728×90 and 300×600 is around $2.5 compared with $5 CPM goal.
  • 2nd Optimization: If above optimizations do not help much, we can drill down further to get more in-depth analysis – for example, creative size performance broken down by device type.

We can see that viewability on PC is almost twice as high as mobile/tablet, so lowering the bid on mobile/tablet, especially on creative size 160×600 and 300×600, might have a positive impact on viewability.

2) Performance by time of day and day of week
Another type of optimization we can look into is for time of day/day of week. The heat map can tell quickly that viewability drops on Saturday and Sunday morning, which means we can bid down during these hours to boost viewability.

3) Optimizer also provides geo performance by state, DMA and city.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help optimize your campaigns with our Optimizer tool, exclusively available at Coegi.

Author: Phuong Ta, Analytics Manager @ Coegi

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