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6 Tips to Refresh Even the Most Hopeless Digital Marketing Strategy

By February 22, 2018No Comments

You already know that having a strategic online presence is essential in the contemporary advertising environment. This isn’t because its trendy, it’s because of the myriad of opportunities the online marketplace provides for businesses of all sizes. Programmatic digital marketing allows marketers to deliver timely, well-placed content to the right people on the right channels for the right price. This is a much more efficient use of your time, human resources and money.

So, you’ve setup a nice website and a few social media pages and started running ads, but your return on the investment hasn’t been so great. Where’d you go wrong? Well, capitalizing on the digital marketing opportunity takes more than just having a presence and delivering ads. It’s about crafting a brand experience that your audience will remember.  Consider the following tips to go from ad bust to surplus!

Have you identified your audience?
What are their interests?  When are they online? What other products do they buy? Hammer out the small details of your audience beyond demo and geo. This information will help you to create audience segments. Instead of blanketing your advertising across a homogenous group, you can develop personalized messages that resonate more strongly with the people they matter to most.

Are you choosing the right channels?
Based on what you know about your audience, where are you likely to engage with them online? Older demographic? Try Facebook! Millennials and late Gen Xers like podcasts, streaming services and connected devices. Everybody’s using search engines for convenience on the go!

What KPIs are you tracking?
Your campaigns may have different objectives. Are you launching a new product? You probably need as many people who fit your targeting to see the ads at the lowest cost. Are you promoting a newsletter? Registration conversions and CPC are your goal. Perhaps you want your target to read a blog article. Then page views and time on the page may be the indicators for success.

Does your creative make YOU want to buy your product/service?
You could be targeting the right people but your creative is making your message fall flat. You don’t have to shell out big bucks for good creative. Most platforms have design tools to help you create good-quality, engaging ads, like Facebook’s Creative Hub. A quick search can help you find the right tool for your needs!

How current are your landing pages?
Is your website mobile-friendly? You’ve found the person and they clicked the ad but the experience on the landing page turns a hot lead to a cold fish. Make sure your website and social pages are current and optimized for both the mobile and desktop environments.

Do you need more support?
It’s ok to need help with this stuff! Thinking strategically about your company’s online marketing really is a full-time job. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to bring in outside help to ensure flawless execution of your media strategies. This could mean adding a new employee to payroll or contacting an experienced service provider to be a comprehensive resource for your digital advertising – that’s where partners like Coegi come in!

Things shouldn’t be looking so hopeless now. You have some action items you can review to prepare for your next campaign and its inevitable success – and don’t forget, post-campaign analysis is key to plan for your next project. Good luck!

Author: Joshlyn Polk, Account Manager @ Coegi

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