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What’s the Story with Instagram Stories? 3 Reasons Your Brand Needs This Tactic

By July 23, 2018No Comments

Two is the new three. At a recent Facebook event, the presenter shared that social media consumers are engaging with content on average of two seconds, a decline from the previous benchmark of three. If you’re like me, you might be thinking “how in the world are we, as marketers, supposed to effectively capture user attention within two seconds?!?”

A solution is Instagram Stories.

As one of the newest and most impactful additions to the Facebook Family, Instagram Stories are found at the top of your Instagram account and can be seen by selecting the circles of those you follow. This content is viewable in a vertical format with text, static images, and videos all easily created through the app. While initially appearing to simply serve as an alternative to in-feed content on Facebook and Instagram, it is actually reported that this shift is the biggest migration in Facebook history and rivals the trends of moving from desktop to mobile.

All this sounds great, right? Well as marketers it may be easy for us to understand the value but convincing our clients is entirely different. Here’s three reasons why brands should be purchasing inventory on Instagram Stories:

  1. Exponential Audience Growth
    In a recent report, Instagram shared that the total daily active users of Instagram Stories have grown to over 400 Million. That is an additional 100 Million people since their previous report back in November 2017. If this continues to grow at such a rate there is potential for over half a billion users by the end of 2018. Also, as this user base expands we are able to monopolize on specific target audiences that are highly engaging, such as Generation Z. Growing up in a world with technology readily available, Gen Z is excited for IG Stories and the many features available through this platform. What about Snapchat, you ask? Well reports surfaced back in Q3 of 2017 that the Instagram Stories user based had surpassed those of their rivaled Snapchat competitor, so we are ready to reach this audience in a similar way through Instagram Stories.
  2. Placement is supported by Facebook’s Data
    With the recent changes to Facebook’s data integrations and behavior targeting, how audiences are reached through marketing campaigns is critical to brand efforts moving forward. Thankfully Facebook’s native data as well as their approved partnerships with external data providers are available in Instagram Stories.  You simply select “Stories” in Ads Manager. Now, we suggest a full creative strategy around vertical video, but the fact remains that adding the Instagram Stories placement is as quick and easy as clicking a button. Plus, with all the changes surrounding Facebook targeting it is great to know that FB’s data is also available for its sisters Instagram and Instagram Stories.
  3. Cost Efficiency
    While the Instagram Stories user base may be continually growing, the use of IG Stories by businesses has yet to follow suit. Facebook shared that there is a huge opportunity for advertisers in this space as there are more people than businesses themselves active on the platform. In fact, FB reported that of the total Instagram investment less than 10% is generated from Instagram Stories. Overall the placement is yielding an extremely efficient purchasing method while the minimal number of brands are present in the space, so others are encouraged to follow suit.

Knowing audience tendencies to engage for a shorter time lends to the IG Stories placement as users are organically spending seconds on each story they watch. Exponential audience growth and data supported by Facebook are great reasons to implement Instagram Stories into your marketing plans. Also in regards to cost efficiency, it is vital to note that since this offering is so new, brands who are buying into Instagram Stories have such an opportunity to easily and inexpensively own a large share of voice.

I’ll also leave you with this. In the time that it took to read this blog post, your clients could have served approximately 65 Stories. So, what are you waiting for? Will your brands be part of the biggest shift in Facebook history?

Author: Brittney Monroe, Client Strategist @ Coegi

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