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Creative Specifications

Native Advertising – Specifications & Best Practices

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Technical Requirements for Desktop & Mobile

Advertiser Name
(Displayed in Creative)
  • 25 characters maximum
  • 25 characters maximum
Body Text
  • 90 characters maximum
Long Body
  • 50 characters maximum
  • 15 characters
Display URL
  • 30 characters maximum
Creative Image
  • Creative Size: 1200 x 627 minimum
  • Square Image Size (Optional): 627 x 627
  • Format: jpg, png
  • Size: 1200 KB maximum
Logo Image
  • Creative Size: 200 x 200 minimum 
  • Format: jpg, png
  • File Size: 1200 KB maximum

Benefits of Native Advertising

Non-Disruptive Format

Sophisticated Targeting

Strong CTRs

Increased Brand Loyalty

Industry-Wide Adoption

Native Best Practices

Create interest, Not Interruption: A native ad strategy should focus on high quality content to create interest and not interruption. Ads that can blend well into a sites content will get more clicks and promote users to positively engage with the ad.

Images: Native ads format to each site differently, to help ensure the logo on your image will serve, provide images in both the landscape (1:91:1) and square (1:1) sizes for maximum inventory compatibility.

Keep your images simple and keep brand mention to a minimum; consumers are getting smarter and quick to recognize clickbait. Keep the user experience in mind and make it as native as possible and focus on the content you create.

Branding Assets: Logo and advertiser name will not always appear depending on the site that the ad is served on. If you wish to guarantee they are displayed, feature the brand/company name in or on the image, but minimize text on the ad.

Creative Optimization: To maximize native performance, run A/B test styles with different ad components.

Call to Action : A custom call to action should be applied to inform users of what action you are wanting them to take once they click through to an ad.

  • Examples: Learn More, Download Now, Sign Up, Shop Now


Landing Page: Native ads should link to high quality content or an engaging landing page. To create lasting time on site, promote page exploration or push lead generation/conversions.

  • Make sure that your landing page/site is mobile optimized
  • If the KPI is a conversion, make sure the action is on the landing page and preferably above the fold
  • Simplify the lead generation process as much as possible

Native Ad Examples

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