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What is LiveRamp?

LiveRamp enables clients to onboard first party data and make it available to use in programmatic platforms. The onboarding process involves ingesting, anonymizing, matching and distributing a customer’s data. Data used in onboarding can include information such as customer names, email addresses physical addresses and phone numbers. Part of the data onboarding process is anonymizing personally identifiable information (PII) to protect consumer privacy. Another key step involves matching offline data to online devices, such as a desktop browser cookie or mobile device ID and social media profiles.

How can it be used?

  • Agencies can segment and onboard first party data for their clients to enable customized marketing across multiple channels – display, video, native, social, mobile, streaming audio and connected TV.
  • Onboarded data can be modeled and segmented within platform DMPs to create unique look-a-like audiences for prospecting campaigns.

What is the advantage of Liveramp access through Coegi ?

Agencies partnering with Coegi can access the full capabilities of Liveramp data onboarding and activation services at a cost commensurate with the volume of client units available to them.

What are the considerations?

  • Number of units: Are there enough units for execution after determining the match rate? A minimum of 10,000 units is recommended per campaign.
  • Budget: Will the campaign budget enable the campaign to scale? A minimum campaign budget of $5,000 is recommended.

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