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Since late February of 2019, Facebook has been informing users of when they are being targeted with ads through the use of Custom Audiences. Facebook’s “Why am I seeing this” drop down button not only informs users which company, or partner company paid for the ad, but it also gives users the ability to see some biographical targeting (age, location, interests, ect…) being used and the type of information that was uploaded into the Custom Audience file. Yesterday, FB implemented 2 new changes to this feature in order to provide more clarity to their users. Facebook will make it clearer where the user’s information came from like a particular website or liked FB page. In addition, Facebook is uploading their ad preferences in order to show users more about the businesses that upload lists with their personal information (e.g. emails or phone numbers). There will be a tab with two sections: advertisers that uploaded a list with the user’s information and businesses who uploaded a list with their information. 

What does this mean for digital marketers?

  • This will have no change on the Custom Audience Terms
  • With these new features, advertisers and agencies will be held more accountable when targeting users with lists of data
  • The figure on the left demonstrates how Facebook will show users when their contact information was uploaded and by whom. 

What does this mean for Coegi clients?

  • By running the advertising through Coegi’s business manager it is likely that a FB user could see our partner name listed.
  • With this change, clients and Coegi will be tied together when using customer lists for targeting.
  • If a brand is not aware of Coegi’s role with the media implementation, and a user reached out to this brand, then this could impact the client’s knowledge. 
  • At the moment, Coegi doesn’t anticipate any immediate impacts but wanted to inform clients of this transparent relationship. 
  • When Coegi builds an Ad Account for a client we now have to signify who the Ad Account will be used for, Coegi or another business or client. 
  • If Coegi is not able to select the client or other business, Coegi’s Business Manager name may appear in the “Why am I seeing this ad?” option. 
  • If we are made Partners with the client Coegi will have access to additional features such as the Audience Manager which will allow Coegi to use the audience overlap tool and the ability to see Custom Audience sizes and potentially more features in the future. 
  • In addition to that there will be a streamlined Terms of Service meaning the Custom Audience terms and Business Tools terms will only need to be accepted once which will be on half of the business and will apply to ad accounts that advertise for it.

If you have questions about the potential implications on your Facebook campaigns, reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected].