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Twitter has launched a new creative arm under the name ArtHouse to help brands create and optimize content. ArtHouse is a combo of creative management, video editing, and live broadcasting. ArtHouse connects brands with influencers, artists, and editors who will add a new facet to content. Additionally, ArtHouses’s video editors enhance creative for the twitter feed using data driven practices. Twitter is using influencers to broaden the reach of content, and using artists to bring new artistry ability to content.

Global Head of Twitter ArtHouse Stacy Minero said in a blog post: “When content connects with Twitters influential, receptive audience it can make a product launch land, and even become a part of the cultural zeitgeist.”

Sponsored Content 

 ArtHouses mission is “to help brands design twitter first content that moves people.” A Twitter sponsored study showed that Twitter users spend 24% more time with adds that come from creators in contrary to just brands posting content. But other new research shows that influencer sponsored content could be reducing in engagement. 

What does ArtHouse offer?

ArtHouse offers digital strategy, video creation and editing, influencer and artist management, and event live-streaming.

What Have They Produced?

On the influencer side Wendys used the influencer option to launch their new S’Awesome menu items in collaboration with comedian Demetrius Harmon. On the video and optimization side Dunkin Donuts used their visUal tv commercial and turned it into appealing ad to support the launch of their new menu items. Partnership with GroupM showed that compared to TV commercials, optimized videos achieve +19% in unaided recall and +6% in message association. 


Live Brand Studio 

Live Brand Studio allows brands to boost events and create conversation on Twitter. This Studio gives brands a new way of connecting with potential clients with feed-first content. That continues to add to Twitters unique content.