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On July 1st, Facebook released Special Ad Categories which enforced that targeting by age, gender and zip code be removed for any ads that offer housing, employment or credit opportunities. This update is in order to prevent discrimination and promote fairness within the Facebook Community. These changes will affect the audience selection tools available to you as an advertiser.

Audience Selection Tools

When a company is based in the US in or targeting within the US, advertisers will be required to distinguish whether or not the ad is related to housing, employment, or credit opportunities. Any advertisers who fall into these categories are required to comply with Facebook’s new restrictions by September 2019. 

How will the change affect campaigns? 

  • Age, gender and zip code targeting will be unavailable
  • Location targeting of addresses, towns/cities, or pin drops will require a 15 mile radius at minimum
  • Targeting options will be limited; if any detailed targeting describing or related to protected classes will be removed 
    • Relationship status 
    • Family status 
    • Multicultural affinity targeting
  • Audience exclusions will be unavailable 
  • Lookalike audiences will no longer be available. Coegi recommends creating a Special Ad Audience which does not take into account any of the restricted classifications listed above 
  • All demographic and behavioral targeting options are no longer available on when advertising these categories. Also some interest targeting segments will no longer be available.

Third Party Data Providers

While audience selection tools are limited, making it increasingly difficult for advertisers to reach their desired audience, Coegi offers solutions through third party data partnerships. Third party data is the most broad data that has been aggregated from different websites and offline sources to be easily accessible. Ask your Account Manager for more information on specific data providers. 

How Third Party Data can be Beneficial

Although Facebook now restricts audience targeting abilities for employment, credit opportunities, and housing; there are 3rd party data companies you can utilize to continue to reach a more precise target audience. There are multiple data providers that can help combat these restrictions now being enforced by Facebook. Here are some examples of companies that provide solutions for these specific audiences:

  • Experian: one of the largest data providers of credit report data. 
  • Bombora: provides company and job title segments 
  • Plunge: provides affinity and behaviors 
  • HealthLink Dimensions: job title targeting specific to the medical industry 
  • MedData: job title targeting specific to the medical industry