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Facebook recently announced a redesign of the mobile newsfeed at this year’s F8 conference, that went into effect Monday, August 19 2019. The new aspect ratio for mobile devices is changing from 2:3 to 4:5 and will affect both newsfeeds and ad layouts. Facebook is advocating for the expanded 4:5 size as it’s considered an ideal ratio to maximize screen space while allowing for CTA buttons and text. Facebook is rolling out this change in an effort to make the mobile experience more consistent across devices and the ad experience less intrusive for users. Page Post updates are to go into effect immediately while the following will roll out across ad accounts through September 2nd:

  1. The Page Post new layout will only allow for 3 lines of text (~70 characters depending on the width of the letters you choose) before truncation or prompting the user to expand copy by clicking “See More”. Previously, up to 7 lines would be shown. 
  2. The maximum height allowed for photos and videos will be restricted to the new ratio 4:5. Existing assets will be masked to the appropriate ratio, but all new or unedited assets scheduled in the platform will need to adhere to the specifications or Facebook will pause the delivery of the ad. 
  3. Single asset photo and video ads with links will now feature dynamic link description copy. This is the text that can be seen below the headline on the ad. This text may or may not show depending on user behavior instead of always being visible. 
  4. Last month, Facebook also rolled out new features to the online Video Creation Kit including editing and resizing options in alignment with the various aspect ratio recommendations. 

Key Considerations for Advertisers:

  • Emphasis on aspect ratios means content creators can focus on proportion and not pixel size, as a variety of aspect ratios are supported across placements. 
  • The enlarged ratio will allow advertisers to take up more real estate in the mobile newsfeed with vertically optimized images and video, increasing the opportunity for brand impact. 
  • Having less text before truncation does not mean you cannot use extended copy. In fact, those who click to read more may be considered higher quality prospects in your audiences.

What’s Next?

Coegi recommends, if you have not already, to update photo and video content to the recommended aspect ratios. Additionally, if you do not want the link description to be dynamic, use spaces as placeholders for text. This will make the description appear blank in the instances in which it would have showed. 


Aspect Ratio Recommendations

  • Feed placements: Square 1:1 for images and vertical 4:5 for videos are recommended.
  • Stories placements: Use full-screen vertical 9:16 to takeover the entire screen.
  • Video carousel format: Square 1:1 and consistent ratios for all videos featured.
  • In-stream video: Use full-screen horizontal 16:9 to fit the videos the ads are in.
  • Audience Network: Use full-screen vertical 9:16, except for Audience Network in-stream videos for which we recommend full-screen horizontal 16:9.

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Author: Joshlyn Polk, Social Media Specialist