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What is the Facebook Brand Awareness Objective?

  • In Facebook Ad Manager the brand awareness objective is for those who wish to serve ads that the specified audience will likely recall. 
  • Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People) is the metric associated with the brand awareness objective.
  • For the most accurate metric, a full brand lift study is recommended.

What is the Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People) Metric?

  • This metric is available for those using Page Post Engagement Objective, Video Views Objective, and the Brand Awareness Objective as before mentioned.
  • The Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People) Metric is an estimate of the those who remember seeing an ad if asked about recollection after two days.

How Does the Brand Awareness Objective Work?
Facebook chooses the best people to target based on:

  • Behavior. Measuring the behavior of people based on whether they are likely to interact with your page.
  • Polling. Polling is only used to calibrate. An extensive amount of polls are put out to gather whether or not an individual has seen the ad. 
  • Machine Learning. Machine learning is utilized to project results from a survey.The difference between a controlled group (those who have not seen the ad) and those who have seen the ad is the incremental number used as the result. However, Facebook is continuously working to improve the accuracy of the formula used to get its results.


Brand Awareness Considerations

  • For the most accurate results, a brand lift study is required unless your campaign does not match criteria needed to conduct a study. 
  • If campaigns with different audiences or are running at different times, it is not suggested that the metric is applied across the campaigns.
  • The numbers from other third party studies will differ from the Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People) Metric.
  • Brand awareness delivery optimization was renamed to the “Ad recall lift” optimization.
  • It is recommended to target a wide audience.
  • Within a brand lift study there is a window of 7 days for an individual to be eligible for the poll once the ad is seen. If they do not respond they may become eligible again to take the poll if, within the timeframe, the ad is still running and the individual sees the ad again.

How to Utilize this Metric

  • To measure the effectiveness of your Brand Awareness campaign, compare Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People) with Page Post Engagement.
  • Use this metric to get a deeper understanding of real-time campaign performance
  • Utilize other third party studies to compare to get the true lift