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 As an early adopter of the latest ad tech, Coegi has continuously sought to provide new offerings to our clients. In early 2018, Digital Out-of-Home was at the top of our clients’ minds and we embraced this as a new channel to help achieve their goals. While Out-of-Home is not a new advertising medium, the continued digitalization of our world has brought forward new opportunities. 

Going a step beyond traditional Out-of-Home, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) technologies and platforms allow advertisers to quickly place buys in hundreds of venues through automated pipes. While advanced OOH planning platforms do exist, the trafficking of creatives and time it takes to secure contracts can be large barriers to activation. DOOH technologies have broken down these barriers and allow Coegi to receive creative assets and launch them in a live campaign within 72 hours. The reason Coegi is able to do this is due to Vistar Media’s buying platform. 

Vistar Media was one of the first and largest movers in the DOOH space. Not only were they a first mover, they were a first mover with technology that has not yet been replicated by other similar platforms. One differentiator is Vistar Media’s planning tool. At a basic level, you define your target audience and Vistar’s heat mapping finds the locations those users frequent using DeviceID information. This then tailors your buy to focus impressions where your audience spends the most time. Not only does Vistar provide a best-in-class audience tool, but the platform also has advanced integrations for measurement to validate targeting. There is an option to enable a brand lift studies built into the Vistar platform which send surveys to the devices that were exposed to your advertising to see if there was a lift in brand favorability or purchase intent. This fills a void of most OOH has which is answering the question, ‘is my advertising effective?’

These advanced reporting capabilities were available through Vistar since 2018 which are still not enabled by most other DOOH platforms. While other providers work to replicate these features, Vistar continues to make moves that help Coegi, and in turn our advertisers, succeed. Another key benefit is Vistar’s Private Marketplace and vendor relationships. Accessing premium OOH placements such as TopGolf, Gas Station Pumps, and even some billboard inventory built into the UI without any additional requirements makes activation simple and effective. Additionally, new integrations with LiveRamp make our advertisers able to bring their own data to help power their buys in even more customizable ways. 

Coegi began our partnership with Vistar before DOOH was making waves in the digital marketing scene. This allowed us to be experts in this space with a cutting edge buying platform when DOOH adoption began to, and continues to bloom. Coegi believes in continuing to push the envelope to drive client performance and Vistar Media was the right partner to do so.

Author: Jacob Amann, Data & Technology Manager