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What are Store Pages?

Store Pages are unique Facebook pages for physical store locations. Store Pages are best to use for businesses that own and operate more than one store location. These pages allow brands to promote stores locally by directing consumers to the nearest location. 

What can Store Pages do for my business?

  • Generate local brand awareness 
  • Help potential customers find store locations, hours and contact information
  • Promote localized and customized content for different stores 
  • Manage all store pages from the main parent page 
    • The Store Location tab is located on the main page
  • Make locations searchable in Facebook and Instagram 
  • Enable Facebook’s Store Traffic objective 

How to setup Store Pages 

Note: You must a page admin or editor

Step One: Setup Store Page Structure

    1. Open Store Locations in Business Manager 
    2. Select the main Facebook page in the top menu for which you are creating the store pages 
    3. Click Get Started
    4. Check the box next to your main page 
    5. If an address is applied to the main page, it must be removed to set up store location pages 
    6. Click Next

Step Two: Add Pages

    1. Open Store Locations in Business Manager
    2. Select the main Facebook page in the top menu 
    3. Under Manage Your Store Details, click +Add Store
    4. Follow the steps to add store details that create a new store page for each location. (Note: Pages are named “Main Page Name (Address/City)
      • Add Manually (recommended for 10 or less locations)
      • Add Multiple Stores: Use a spreadsheet template to add multiple store locations (recommended for 10 or more locations) 
      • Connect a page: If store pages already exist connect them to the main page

Step Three: Edit Location Descriptions

    1. Go to Page Settings 
    2. Select the Page Info tab
    3. Find the Locations section and fill out the new address