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Beginning April 11th, Audience Network will no longer serve web and in-stream video formats. The decision was based on growing demand towards other formats across mobile apps, in addition to the influence of recent changes to cookie policy across
browsers such as Chrome. The resources from in-stream video and web will be utilized to build out Audience Network’s app business.


The timeline for the changes are as follows:

  • February: Audience Network in-stream video and web placements will run as usual
  • March: The creation of new ad campaigns that only include in-stream video and web placements on Audience Network will no longer be supported.
  • April 1st – 10th: No new campaigns that utilize  Audience Network in-stream video or web placements will be supported. 
  • April 11th: Audience Network will no longer offer in-stream video and web products. Existing in-stream and web placement campaigns will no longer be supported. 

Data reports will still be accessible for six months after April 11th, and advertisers will receive their final payments from these placements on April 22nd.

The decision may foretell Facebook’s abandonment of ad placements outside of its family of apps.