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B2B Best Practices

For many B2B marketers, an all-digital marketing strategy is out of their comfort zone.  But this is a great time to embrace it, as it is out of many of your client’s comfort zones too.  Have an authentic voice about this discomfort and you will relate better than any of the influencers who have been doing this for years.  The key is to reach your target audience — use keywords and interest targeting to narrow your message to the people that most care about your product and services.  Test and learn with a small budget; this is a perfect time to start experimenting with digital ad channels that you are unfamiliar with.

For those businesses that have focused on trade shows to disseminate collateral and to network with like-minded professionals, working from home might seem especially challenging.  But know that many of the decision makers in your network are also in the same boat. Focus on education, thought leadership, and content amplification with your digital strategy. Leverage LinkedIn.  

According to Luke Bilton, VP Digital at Informa Markets, Google searches for ‘Webinar’ hit an all-time high yesterday, with the highest concentration of searches in countries already on lockdown.  “Any business where face-to-face and lead generation is an important part of their marketing plan, now is the time to ramp up online education,” Luke said.   Targeted promotion of webinars can ensure that the proper audience is aware of and attends these webinars, while simultaneously increasing your CRM list.  Embracing the digital conversation around these events, especially on LinkedIn, are imperative for success.

Additionally, take this time to dig into the details of your digital marketing efforts thus far.  With the increase in screen time devoted to work, why not dive deeper into the underlying numbers?  Google Analytics is always a great place to start, but perhaps it is worthwhile to dive into the monthly reports from your advertising agency with a little more scrutiny.   Are there data points that you don’t quite understand? Or a tactic that you haven’t wanted to ask about? Bring that second screen home and get nerdy with the historical data from your digital marketing campaigns.  Strive to have a deeper understanding of what is truly working for your business and where your efforts will reap the greatest return.

If you have any questions about how your campaigns could be impacted, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Author: Ryan Green, Senior Director of Client Strategy