Coegi was hired by a pharmaceutical client that manufactures flu vaccines which are administered by independent physicians, healthcare providers and retail pharmacies. The client manufactures and provides a wide range of vaccines and specialty medicines that meet local public health needs. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, this client is committed to protecting and saving lives, as well as continuing to establish itself as a global leader in vaccine developments.

One infection that this client develops vaccines for is the flu which has varying strains each flu season. Despite this, the client developed a vaccine to protect the general public against two common strains of Influenza A and two strains of Influenza B to act as deeper preventative health option.


This client came to Coegi with the goal of driving awareness for their new flu vaccine with the ultimate goal of driving public intent for receiving the vaccine.


Campaign success was measured by the following website actions on the client’s site: Clinical Data Button Clicks, Create Account Button Clicks, Login Button Clicks, Order Button Clicks and Sign-Up Form submissions.


Given the simultaneous awareness and intent goals, Coegi launched a campaign that drove awareness of the client’s newly developed flu vaccine using 1st & 3rd party deterministic data targeting HCPs and vaccine purchasing decision makers. 

Campaigns ran across all digital tactics with the goal of priming the audience to later convert by taking desired site actions. 

Additionally, Coegi developed unique audiences to reach flu vaccine prescribers including healthcare providers, independent physicians, and decision makers at integrated delivery networks, retail pharmacies and group purchasing organizations using highly deterministic data.

In order to help promote a positive brand image and product awareness, Coegi applied category exclusions to the campaign targeting:

  •  A negative keyword list was applied to ensure that ads wouldn’t show near flu or disease-related content
  • An audience exclusion was also applied so that users were not retargeted after they signed up on the client site 

Generic awareness creatives ran from February through early March. Once the product launched in March and the FDA approved more detailed creatives, ads were swapped out to the “Approved” versions.


After just two months of the “Coming Soon” campaign launch, Coegi’s campaigns were driving all of the client’s desired site actions.  A majority of these actions were driven after a website retargeting audiences were introduced. Coegi’s campaigns specialists also saw that after the 5th ad exposure, website conversion rates were the highest which guided the team’s optimizations strategies.

Although the campaign primarily launched as an awareness tactic to reach flu vaccine prescribers and purchasers, website behavior was tracked to measure the impact of the awareness campaign on generating site conversions. Doing this allowed Coegi to optimize toward specific site actions and ensure that the campaign continued to drive users down the funnel to increase conversions.