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Over the last few years the television industry has been revolutionized by new players, new technologies and new content that’s available at the click of a button.

Skip it. Save it. Play it. Pause it. We are living in the age of streaming and consumers hold the controls.

Naturally, consumers have been quick to embrace connected TV with more and more advertisers following suit.  While there are similarities between traditional TV and connected TV, we thought we would clear up some common misconceptions about advertising in the CTV space.

Our CTV white paper includes a debunking of the following myths:

  • Myth One: I Buy Linear TV So I Don’t Need CTV, Too
  • Myth Two: You Can’t Do Advanced Reporting on CTV
  • Myth Three: You Can Repurpose Ads Across Digital Channels
  • Myth Four: CTV Is Not Relevant to My Brand
  • Myth Five: CTV Is More Expensive than Traditional TV
  • Myth Six: Audiences Only Use One SVOD Platform
  • Plus a CTV case study
  • And a  CTV Industry Player Overview

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