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Grocery sales are dominated by brick and mortar locations. However, as COVID-19 continues to shift consumer behaviors, researchers predict that the uptick in online and in-app shopping will continue through 2020 and beyond.

So, What’s New?

According to data from Kantar, it is estimated that “30% of new customers who try e-commerce for the first time during the pandemic will remain long-term users.” Beauty and personal care top the chart for digital ordering. Now more than ever, convenience and visibility are going to be key to grocery and household item sales, which is causing brands to make big moves to catch up to eCommerce  giants.

Grocery deliveries hit a record high in April 2020. In fact, grocery deliveries increased 37% over what was seen in March. The majority of shoppers name cosmetics and personal care and household products as the top categories for anticipated eCommerce shopping.

As consumer behaviors and emotions continue to be impacted by the coronavirus, it’s crucial for brands to adapt with them. This is especially true for personal and household item brands, where people are the most willing they’ve ever been to purchase these products online. If you’ve been primarily focused on traditional marketing and in-store promotions, now is the time to restructure your strategy to incorporate digital marketing to reach different audiences and expand your share of voice.  

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