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Why It is a Great Time to Tap into Connected TV and ACR

It is no secret that consumers have been spending more time in front of their televisions and other viewing devices than ever before, especially over the last six months. Additionally, streaming’s growth, and marketing investment has been significantly expedited with paid cable and satellite taking a hit. As a result, connected TV has become an even more critical part of a brand’s marketing strategy in order to capture consumer attention and build brand awareness.  

One way to tap into the hearts and minds of your audiences is to understand what they care about. Often times that is directly correlated to what they are watching or playing, whether it is their weekly reality tv binge session or a video game they are trying desperately to beat. 

As last week’s blog discussed, ACR is a great way for marketers to better understand what resonates with their core demographic and align creative messaging with content they are already consuming. However, it is critical that the incorporation of ACR has synergies with the broader campaign strategy in order to yield cohesive and broader impact results.

Using ACR as an Extension of a Linear TV Buy

Linear TV continues to be impactful for brands, largely due to its enormous reach and frequency. However, what it accomplishes in addressability, it lacks in targeting and concrete measurement. However, incorporating ACR as an extension of a broader TV buy can be useful for brands looking to gain compounded efficiencies. 

Using demand-side platforms such as The Trade Desk, brands can tap into ACR to reach audiences that have been exposed to your advertising, or even competitor brands’ advertising, and extend messaging across other devices. This enables brands to accomplish further prospecting, as well as conquesting. Many DSPs have off-shelf segments that are available from providers such as Samba TV, Inscape, and Gracenote, but many also are able to create custom segments based on known audience traits and competitive ad spend. 

How to Keep ACR Aligned with Long-Term Strategy

At the end of the day, ACR is only as effective as your overarching strategic vision. Therefore, it is important to first understand your brand’s goals, who your target audience is, and key consumer behavior trends for this to provide value to your marketing initiatives. Here are a couple of ways to maintain strategic integrity while reaping the benefits of ACR:

  • Back into your preferred programming, prioritizing an audience-first strategy: By partnering with data providers or leveraging research-driven research tools, you can identify key programming that indexes higher for your identified audiences and then seek to target those channels or shows. 
  • Lean into a contextual play: By knowing how your brand fits into the category and having a clear point of view, it can be extremely effective to run your videos in environments where the messaging is highly relevant. This allows you to reach audiences that might have otherwise lacked brand exposure while meeting them in a highly engaging medium.

If you think your brand could benefit from implementing ACR into your strategy, be sure to reach out to our highly knowledgeable team at Coegi.