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The holidays will likely look quite a bit different this year: large parties will be distilled down to small family gatherings, Black Friday stampedes will now be spread out online shopping, and masks will be the most popular new accessory of the season. However, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands can continue to stay top-of-mind by meeting consumers where they are, incentivizing trials, and making the shopping experience (and decision making) even simpler.   

Help Your Brand Seamlessly Integrate Into the New Normal of In-Store Shopping

Social distancing has permeated nearly every facet of our daily lives. When it comes to grocery shopping, if the consumer isn’t getting their weekly groceries delivered through Instacart or curbside pickup, then the typical goal is to get in and out of the store as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it can be a bit more challenging for CPG brands to be spontaneously plucked from the shelves as the shopper follows their detailed list to ensure they don’t forget anything for their dinner. 

Therefore, it is important to gain awareness ahead of the shopping trip and during the shopping trip. This is best accomplished by connecting with your audience through mediums where they are already engaging. If you have great video, tap into Connected TV spots as streaming adoption takes off. Advertise on social media or YouTube as these are the most common places consumers turn to in-store.

In essence, consider the consumer journey as they navigate new routines and adapt traditions.

Make ‘In-Home’ Sampling More Accessible

In-store sampling has historically been extremely successful for CPG brands. However, current times make this a challenge, to say the least. Some brands are turning to social media to encourage their followers to engage in order to get a coupon or gift card to try their products at home. Bud Light Seltzer is the most recent brand to take advantage of this, in addition to leveraging the power of influencers in order to build trust and expand their audience. This led to outstanding engagement rates and 1,000 very happy followers.

Start Advertising for Holiday Promotions Earlier

Holiday planning and shopping is starting earlier this year than ever. This is probably partially out of necessity and partially due to an increased need to escape the stresses of the current environment. In order to keep up, CPG brands will need to follow this trend. Lean into holiday sales and break out the “warm and fuzzy” messaging earlier than you typically would this year (because we all could use a little love!). November and December have historically been a revenue high point of the year for CPG brand sales and this year, this can extend a bit further in 2020.

Make Delivery Affordable and User-Friendly

Need I even say it? Delivery is KEY. Turn to e-commerce channels to be able to accommodate consumers who are more consistently turning online to buy their groceries. Instacart is all the rage, but alcohol delivery has truly been a big winner during the pandemic. What better time to encourage your audience to not only deliver their booze for their own consumption, but also send your dear friends across the country you aren’t able to visit a nice bottle of wine to remind them you love them? Win-win.

For more information on utilizing your digital strategy to make the most of this holiday season as a CPG brand, contact us.