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Part of the beauty of programmatic and social media advertising is the wealth of data that’s available when you know where to look. Being able to lean on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a huge benefit, and when paired with a touch of human intuition marketers are able to put themselves in a much better position to drive performance closer to their client’s goals. 

How does Coegi optimize the delivery of each campaign, both in terms of AI and manual enhancements? 

Each campaign is set up to optimize to a specific KPI in order to meet the client’s goals. The AI in the platforms we use is then able to evaluate and optimize delivery against audiences, geographies, and creatives. Using seed audiences based on pixels to understand the client’s current audience and leveraging this data to build lookalike models is another best practice we use to reach and retarget relevant audiences while AI ensures that ads are served against the most qualified targets due to a consistent feedback loop.

Of course, there is also a human element to campaign optimizations. Oftentimes there are additional requests from clients or changes that need to be made due to cultural events that can alter the effectiveness of machine learning. This is when Coegi’s programmatic and social specialists are able to step in and make the necessary adjustments to ensure campaign success. Common optimizations include turning off underperforming audiences, adjusting bids to push budget towards top-performing segments or geographies, and making optimization recommendations to clients based on real-time reporting and valuable insights our team has gathered by working with other clients over the years. Other times, it is simply making recommendations to shift budget from channels that are not delivering the best results to other placements that are seeing the stronger performance.

In terms of delivery, Coegi has additional programmatic settings that we activate manually to optimize the campaign performance.

Some examples include:

  • Applying a Frequency Cap on display and Facebook reach campaigns to ensure there that no audience is overly inundated with ads
  • Enabling Day Parting to ensure ads are served during peak engagement times for the target audience and to avoid serving ads during hours where there is high bot traffic 
  • Instilling Brand Safety measures to only serve ads in environments where content is appropriate
  • Separating desktop and mobile audiences to ensure impressions are being served to the most successful environments where Coegi specialists have more control to manipulate as needed
  • Adding in additional interest targeting and data segments to reach niche and more refined target audiences


Coegi is committed to providing outstanding service for our clients. One of the areas that we particularly excel in is using data-driven, audience-first strategies to achieve optimal campaign results. Our team doesn’t believe in  “setting it and forgetting it” when it comes to campaigns. When you work with the Coegi team, you can rest assured that you have an entire account team dedicated to your business using dashboards reports, robust industry knowledge and our understanding of historical performance to optimize your campaigns and drive the media metrics in the best direction.

For more insight on how to optimize your digital campaign performance, contact us. 

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