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Client Background

A dynamic wine brand focused on attracting consumers with a “healthier-for-you” lifestyle through strategic messaging around relevant value propositions such as being low carb, paleo, vegan and, in general, great for people who want to enjoy wine while feeling good about their choices. This differentiates our client from other wine brands that are often trying to appeal to affluence, focusing on flavors, pairings, and ratings, often resulting in a challenge with the brand feeling relatable to a broad audience.


In 2020, the prevalence of COVID-19 obviously impacted the world in many ways. One area that was particularly impacted was the retail industry, with consumers needing a way to shop that allows for more convenience and flexibility. Fortunately, our client did have an eCommerce solution that they could capitalize on. However, our team knew that the opportunity expanded beyond that channel. 

Solutions and Results

Coegi helped our client execute an omnichannel digital campaign that helped grow their online business while not neglecting theirlargest source of purchases, in-store grocery. To support online, the team leaned heavily into Facebook. By using both a creative social commerce ad along a dynamic retargeting catalog ad, we were able to achieve exceptional ROAS while maintaining a positive user experience. Throughout 2020, these two campaigns alone drove over 4,500 purchases from their direct-to-consumer business with an average ROAS of 6.76x. 

To further build on this success in 2021, the team established relationships with Drizly and Instacart to not only increase overall brand equity and grow awareness of our client’s availability on these platforms but also to try to grow the revenue potential on those channels as well. For Drizly, this meant running a collaborative ad campaign on Facebook which included co-branding and passing back any incremental purchases achieved through the campaign. This campaign just recently launched but overall results have been positive thus far, not only allowing for prospecting purchasers but also driving repeat purchasers and growing loyalty. 

Instacart has been a major success story for our client. They were destined to have organic success on the platform as is with the online grocery and delivery growing 53% in 2020. True Independent Holdings wanted to build on that success by investing in the platform and driving incremental sales. Launching in November, the team has seen an average ROAS of 5.9x with nearly $83,000 in attributable sales to date. 

Finally, Coegi worked closely with our client’s creative agency to build out a highly precise shopper marketing campaign on Facebook. This entailed having co-branded retail carousels that aligned with major DMAs on a national scale. This note only allowed consumers to have a better sense of where our client’s wine could be purchased in their area, and it also served as a benefit to the brand in using this campaign to grow their retail footprint. The click-through URL allowed the consumers to immediately see a comprehensive list of their closest stores based on their zip code. In 2021, the team took this to the next level to not only understand success from a media perspective but also to measure the footfall of those who were exposed to the campaign and ultimately shopped in a store where our client’s wine is sold. This provided a directional understanding of influence from the campaign. Since January, there have been nearly 9,700 store visits that can be attributed to these campaigns. 

Want to Get Started?

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