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Vertical/Industry:  CPG – Food and Beverage


2020 was the year for rapid escalation of all things e-commerce and delivery. In particular, online grocery shopping grew 53%, with an expected continuation of growth from both increased frequency and growth in cart value.  While adoption has been primarily from females and from adults 18-34, there is steady growth across all age groups. As a result, brands are taking notice. 

Coegi was hired by several food and beverage brands to increase the volume of digital grocery sales. While each of these brands did have some direct-to-consumer e-commerce capabilities, they also understood that with their historical sales being primarily driven by in-store retail they needed to remain agile to keep up with the demand for a more convenient option. 


Instacart provides delivery opportunities for more than 300 retailers. While the majority of the sales that occur take place in the grocery space, they are beginning to take on other retail partners geared towards industries such as beauty/cosmetics, technology, and other CPG products.

Coegi recognized the massive opportunity that having a greater presence on the Instacart platform would provide, and developed a strategy to amplify the brands’ organic footprint. This was done through a blended branded and unbranded keyword strategy along with a bidding strategy to capitalize on top performing search terms. This allows for the opportunity to not only gain new customers who are having their first exposure to the brand, but also to create repeat purchase opportunities for existing customers.

Additionally, the team continually analyzes performance to identify top performing UPCs and concentrating spend accordingly. 

The Results

All brands have seen positive ROAS across the board, ranging from 2X to 7X on average. This showcases how profitable this platform can be for brands as a complement to their in-store retail strategies as well as their e-commerce initiatives.                                     

Where can I get some?

If your brand is on Instacart and you are not investing to have better placements in search results, then you are leaving dollars on the table. Talk to the team at Coegi to discuss what your brand can do to see growth in 2021.

Also, be sure to check out our webinar with Instacart!