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Vertical/Industry:  Healthcare Services

Challenge Summary and Client Background 

Coegi serves as a partner for an academic health system with physicians from every field of medicine offering comprehensive care. The expert physicians offer a wide depth of services, from preventative health care to treatment for serious illnesses or injuries. With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, the health system set up a temporary vaccination site in their area to help administer vaccines to the community. The clinic was quickly underway with a grand opening date of mid February and needed to staff this clinic as soon as possible. The positions needed to be filled varied from registered nurses, administrative workers,  and parking lot attendants. 


  • We know that social ads can be shared, generating earned impressions 
  • Social strategy – the goal was for people to be able to share the opportunity 
  • Given the budget constraint of just over $4k, we wanted to make our budget stretch as far as possible which removed a more deterministic LinkedIn campaign from consideration due to CPM 


We implemented a Facebook and Instagram feeds campaign setup with a conversions objective. Given the variety of positions the health system was recruiting for, our target was adults 18+ living within a 50 mile radius of their city. By utilizing the Facebook and Instagram platforms, we targeted people who matched the following interests: entry-level job, temporary work, shift work, job interview, employment, part-time, career development, application for employment, employment website, job fair, or professional development. Our team set up a custom conversion event to track the application form submit that served as both our KPI and optimization point. 

The campaign ran in the Special Ads Category due to it being an employment opportunity. Learn more about Coegi’s POV on Facebook’s Special Ads Category here


ImpressionsReachLanding Page ViewsForm SubmitsCPA


In just two weeks, this campaign generated so many applications from the community that the health system requested for the campaign to be turned off because they were able to fully staff the clinic. After spending only 25% of their investment, they had the return of 132 form submissions at only $8.13 each. 

Where Can I Get Some?

Coegi is able to help partners in any vertical generate leads for recruitment campaigns and increase engagement for healthcare systems. Coegi’s social team are experts in running campaigns in the special ads category. If your brand falls in either recruitment, healthcare, or a special ads category, please contact your Coegi account strategist and account manager to hear how we can help you.

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