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Our client came to Coegi with a challenge: they needed to drive leads from a niche B2B audience – but they meant niche niche. They were only interested in reaching European film, gaming, and television licensing professionals who were in-market to connect with American content owners. They hosted a magazine and website portal where global licensing professionals could make connections and discover new opportunities. The client came to us hoping we could provide a solution to drive this audience to their website, where they would be prompted to share their email address to access the magazine and the global connection portal. 


Coegi recognized that the nature of the request necessitated using an audience-first approach to inform our channel strategy. LinkedIn proved to be the channel with the widest reach of second-party data; this and LinkedIn’s on-platform Lead Generation creatives would allow us to confidently reach our audience and encourage them to share their contact information without needing to visit the site. Historically, the fewer steps to conversion asked of your audience, the higher the ROI. Pairing LinkedIn’s data, lead generation objective and creative, and the client’s onboarded 1st party data allowed us to exceed the client’s goal of 150 new email contacts. 

Our client offered two products: an industry magazine and a website portal. The media objective was to drive 150 new email contacts over three months. Prioritizing budget on LinkedIn allowed Coegi to craft a strategy that balanced the need for some awareness while focusing on the lead goal. 


The LinkedIn campaigns as a whole generated a total of 292 new leads with an average cost per lead of $36.55. 

  • Additionally, we introduced Lookalike Modeling based on the client’s first party data with a separate Site Traffic objective, which saw a CTR of 0.41% and led interested users to the portal’s home page to learn more. 

Learnings and Recommendations:  

Ultimately, the campaign exceeded our lead goal and led to an increase in MoM site traffic as a bonus, illustrating the effectiveness of blending upper and mid-funnel tactics (e.g. Lookalike Modeling, Site Traffic objectives) alongside our push for lead generation. The campaign also revealed core learnings for anyone wanting to replicate these results: 

  1. Awareness is still important for driving lead generation. The overwhelming majority of Leads came from individuals who were exposed to our campaign during the first flight, clicked to the website, and then finally converted in the last month of the campaign. This path is common, especially amongst B2B audiences who may hesitate to give out their professional contact information. 

Even with a short-term goal, your media strategy can support your future business objectives. By introducing a Site Traffic objective alongside Lead Generation, Coegi brought thousands of new users to the website who could form the foundation of our audience strategy in a future campaign. Not all of those users will be perfect fits knowing the target audience for the brand is so niche, but using a combination of Site Analytics and in-platform algorithmic optimization will help narrow down to potential leads in the future

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