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Leaving the classroom to intern at any company can be a daunting task to many college students- nevertheless it is one of the most critical moments in one’s college career. A good internship can make the difference between gaining valuable experience that can help land your entry dream job versus working any job that’s available post graduation. At Coegi the culture, training, and people set you up to succeed no matter what department you are working in. In my first month working as an Account Assistant, I have learned valuable lessons during training with insights into the digital marketing industry, and it has propelled me to reach my career goals. 


Training takes about a month to be fully complete but every second of it is noteworthy. Training varies daily which helps keep the information fresh and relevant. Each training provides interns with an opportunity to approach Coegi’s business processes from a holistic perspective by providing interns with oversight into each department and encouraging networking between positions. 

My greatest takeaways during this time period are to be curious, ask questions, and stay humble. Nobody expects interns to come in knowing how to do their job perfectly, Coegi understands that there might be knowledge gaps that they can fill during training and work to empower interns with valuable industry knowledge.  

I also learned that in order to be mindful of others’ time one must take initiatives to find information such as going to the company’s resource folder or taking free certifications through the platforms we use. Personally, taking the Marketing Foundations from the Trade Desk equipped me with marketing terminology I did not know or understand previously and provided a deeper understanding of how programmatic marketing works, which is essential when working in the digital marketing sphere. 

Key Learnings

As an Account Assistant I am responsible for the daily project management and coordination of programmatic and social campaigns. I work closely with Account Managers by collaborating with the Client Service Team. I have had the opportunity to learn how to process Insertion Orders from clients into our internal Coegi processes. These consist of but are not limited to creating Static Sheets and Tactical plans so that our internal teams know how to effectively build out campaigns. Additionally, I have learned how to utilize Asana, a project management tool our teams use in order to organize, track, and manage campaigns. Carrying out the expected tasks assigned to me has helped refine my organizational and communication skills because everything I do directly affects the collaborative nature and team efficiency within Coegi. 

Reaching Career Goals

Overall this internship has helped me narrow down my career goals by putting into perspective what it means to work in digital marketing and what I can do within the industry. It has allowed me to recognize that my interest lies within strategy creation and implementation. Furthermore, Coegi has enhanced the confidence I have in my marketing capabilities and has inspired me to continue to pursue my goals with a clear direction by empowering me with the right skillset and tools. Working alongside great peers who are constantly working towards refining their skills has helped me network with people outside of my division and build relationships with people whose strengths are different from my own. 

Empowering Interns

Interning at Coegi means that your time will not be wasted because the company invests into its interns with time, education, and compensation. Coegi is building a team of marketers who are capable of working in any vertical which means clients will be pleased when interns are assisting them with their campaigns. Trusting interns to perform as industry part-timers by increasing their responsibilities also empowers them to be prepared for expectations when landing their first job out of college. 

Interns also get to share what they learn during training, on the job tasks, and Thursday Lunch Trainings to collaborate together on a mock campaign that is later presented to the company. This demonstrates how interns’ input is valued and how Coegi recognizes that college students can innovate their processes and campaign strategies. Additionally, Coegi benefits from investing into their interns by strengthening the company’s culture- one that is built on collaboration, respect, transparency, performance, data, education, and trailblazing. 

In the past several weeks I have been introduced to the processes that make digital marketing possible on a grand scale. I have been trained to perform my job as an Account Assistant and have gained valuable skills that will help me finish my degree in Marketing and certificate in Marketing Analytics. I have deeper knowledge of what tools marketers use for project management, case studies, and tools that help them recommend the best strategies for clients. I have been empowered to take ownership of my work and to collaborate with team members across the organization. Not only has my passion for marketing strengthened but it too has enhanced my life with a polished purpose, new friendships, and a balanced lifestyle.    

By: María Jose Garzón Ruiz, Account Assistant