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Industry: Food/Beverage – Alcohol

Coegi partnered with a powerhouse creative agency to launch a full-funnel digital campaign for a high-growth wine brand. The brand tasked the team to produce a campaign that not only promoted a strong point of view and emotional connection in a very cluttered, complicated category, but also drove trial and consideration across a broader set of consumers. 

Approach to Measurement

The team executed a performance branding study on Facebook to evaluate brand lift as well as conversion lift for key website events. By comparing control and exposed audiences, incrementality was able to be evaluated. This blended approach allowed for valuable insights into multiple stages of the consumer journey, from awareness to purchase intent. 

The Results

The study showed positive lift across brand categories, surpassing CPG benchmarks. Ad recall was particularly pronounced, signaling that the creative was successful in driving memorability and that the selected audience resonated with the messaging approach. 

  • Standard Ad Recall: 10.6 percentage point lift
  • Unaided Brand Awareness: 1.8 percentage point lift
  • Purchase Intent/Consideration: 1.4 percentage point lift
    • Produced a 626% lift in number of Find Location searches to identify the closest store to buy the wine

How We Achieved Success

The study results show a very critical component for campaign success: the importance of creating synergies between creative execution and operational strategy. The collaboration allowed for the effective motivational messaging to reach the right people at the right time in the right place, with mobile-first creative being a major differentiating factor.

If you want to take your awareness campaign’s measurement to the next level, reach out to Coegi!