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Industry: Healthcare/Pharma


Health and wellness advertising agency tapped Coegi to run an eight week campaign on Facebook/Instagram focused on building awareness of pharmaceutical and insurance solutions for those afflicted with a rare neurological disorder. 


The team used website retargeting audiences, niche lookalike models, and second party data from relevant health societies and institutes to reach not only their likely patient population, but also caregivers who are likely to be equally interested in the campaign messaging. Success was based on key website actions, such as welcome kit sign ups, webinar registrations, brochure downloads, and video views, as well as ad engagements such as post shares and post saves. 

Campaign Metrics To-Date:

  • Facebook
    • 84,769 Impressions
    • 945 Link Clicks
    • 1.11% CTR
    • 130 Website Content Views
    • 4 Sign-Up Kit Leads
    • 1 Dr. Discussion Guide Download
  • Instagram
    • 89,756 Impressions
    • 200 Link Clicks
    • 0.22% CTR
    • 160 Website Content Views
    • 16 Sign-Up Kit Leads

Key Learnings: 

  • While Facebook has historically been the top performer for patient segments, Instagram has emerged as a great place to reach caregivers of the patients!
    • The second highest click-through rate on Instagram came from individuals ages 35-44, which is a great learning since this group has the lowest click-through rate on Facebook.
      • This strong performance was driven through the utilization of lookalike audiences of previously engaged users as well as a competitor interest and affinities audience. These interests were also layered onto the lookalike audience to qualify users as a potential patient or caregiver. 
    • This age cohort also resonated more strongly with messaging around Self Administration, Flexibility, and Dose Adjustments indicating the audience was caregiver centric or had a loved one in mind when served the ad.
    • The average patient age skews older at 65+, which is the top performing age segment across the Facebook/Instagram campaign.
  • Overall, this campaign performed exceptionally well generating 290 website content views and 20 sign-up kit leads across Facebook and Instagram in only eight weeks. 

Recommendations for Brands Looking to Achieve Similar Results:  

  • Don’t discount Instagram as a viable platform to reach users in pharmaceutical campaigns, particularly a caregiver audience. 
  • Utilize lookalike modeling in addition to engagement-based audiences to reach qualified patients or caregivers. 
  • Tailor creative to fit both a patient and caregiver audience. 

To learn more about how your brand can achieve similar results, reach out to us through our website.