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Programmatic Insights

Programmatic Insights

Influencer Marketing 101

Make your digital ads more effective by adding influencer marketing.  Consumers require multiple touch points with a brand to convert, which means that influencer content amplified by performance marketing combines the best of both from these powerful marketing strategies. Influencers…
October 4, 2021
Programmatic Insights

Connected TV Playbook

Effective CTV advertising requires strategy, investment, and agility. It can be daunting for smaller advertisers, but potential impact on brand growth and reach is significant in the age of cord-cutting. Ad dollars are shifting rapidly from linear to CTV, thanks…
September 22, 2021
Programmatic Insights

Advanced Measurement 101

So your latest campaign’s CTR was high, cool, but how did this campaign impact business results? Do your campaign KPIs level up to business goals? Are media metrics able to answer your most important questions? Check out how advanced measurement…
September 15, 2021