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Exploring the Facebook Power5

Optimizing campaigns to maximize ad performance has been made easier for marketers with automated tactics. These machine learning tactics should be adopted in order to focus on growth opportunities. Facebook recommends five optimizations tactics to consider and execute, called the…
May 15, 2020

2020 Facebook Placement Guide

Not all Facebook placements are created equally. With over 10 placements to choose from, it's important to know how, where and when your ads will be displayed. Check out our 2020 Facebook Placements Guide below for a visual overview of…
January 1, 2020

Instagram Tests Removing Likes on Posts

What’s new?  Instagram began omitting Like statistics from newsfeed posts for a limited number of platform users. While some foreign markets were previously tested with the feature, this week marks the roll out of this highly anticipated test in the…
November 20, 2019