Coegi is the all-in-one premium marketing partner for media professionals seeking a streamlined way to leverage digital campaigns. Our digital expertise and expansive capabilities lets us offer agencies a simplified partnership that can activate campaigns
for all audiences, verticals and objectives.

Working with Coegi
Certified Recognition
A Partner For Growth
  • Allows your agency resources to focus on core services such as creative and communications strategy, public relations, and account service
  • Adds a new service-line to your capabilities deck with revenue
  • Delivers access to tech and data without those pesky monthly minimums
  • Provides on-staff programmatic experts forcontinuous business objective problem solving

We are a proven, award-winning and trusted center of excellence – holding certifications from our many technology and insights providers including:

  • Trade Desk Certified
  • Facebook Certified
  • 4C Certified
  • Marketing Tech Outlook Top 10 Ad Management Company

In the year 2020:

  • 86% of digital media will be bought programmatically
  • Total digital display spending will exceed $68 Billion
  • Approximately 70% of TV viewers will be Connected
  • People are estimated to spend more than 1 ¾ hours per day with digital audio
  • More than 25% of out-of-home advertising buys will be digital
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Client Testimonials

Coegi is a true partner in the strategic process. Coegi is the expert in the programmatic space so True Media depends on them to set forth the best recommendation possible to deliver the best results possible.

True Media

Our point of contact is excellent and we're privileged for the opportunity to utilize her support and expertise to drive greater results for the client.

Influence & Co.

The passion is there - I can tell.


They are so responsive and always provide wonderful service. Without them we couldn't have the success that we do.

True Media

We have been very happy with the results and the team. Coegi made this "little fish" feel like a big fish with their service.

Gustin Communications