A Partner For Growth

Coegi is the all-in-one premium marketing partner for media professionals seeking a streamlined way to leverage digital campaigns. Our digital expertise and expansive capabilities lets us offer agencies a simplified partnership that can activate campaigns
for all audiences, verticals and objectives.

Working with Coegi
Certified Recognition
A Partner For Growth
  • Allows your agency resources to focus on core services such as creative and communications strategy, public relations, and account service
  • Adds a new service-line to your capabilities deck with revenue
  • Delivers access to tech and data without those pesky monthly minimums
  • Provides on-staff programmatic experts forcontinuous business objective problem solving

We are a proven, award-winning and trusted center of excellence – holding certifications from our many technology and insights providers including:

  • Trade Desk Certified
  • Facebook Certified
  • 4C Certified
  • Marketing Tech Outlook Top 10 Ad Management Company

In the year 2020:

  • 86% of digital media will be bought programmatically
  • Total digital display spending will exceed $68 Billion
  • Approximately 70% of TV viewers will be Connected
  • People are estimated to spend more than 1 ¾ hours per day with digital audio
  • More than 25% of out-of-home advertising buys will be digital
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