Brands today are taking more control over their digital media strategies and execution. Having worked with over 300 brands, Coegi offers an award-winning digital strategy team with best-in-class technologies and enterprise-level analytics. We are a resource beyond activation and also provide education, collaboration, research and strategies to our clients. to drive successful business results. To be successful in today's advertising landscape, we believe in effectively blending the three P's:


Practitioners that understand human behavior, marketing, and advertising concepts and strive for progress and innovation.


An agnostic approach to marketing technology that aligns with the marketing objectives of the brand.


An integrated, collaborative network that provides comprehensive solutions and measurable results.

Our Approach

Client Testimonials

With Coegi, our company has been able to not only successfully retarget our customers resulting in an increase in conversions, but also target new prospects at a large scale that promises to significantly increase our future sales. The Coegi team has proven to be thoughtful and highly considerate of our needs and executed our digital marketing plan intelligently and swiftly.


We have been very happy with the results and the team. Coegi made this "little fish" feel like a big fish with their service.

Gustin Communications

We are SO pleased with the results and service we have gotten from the Coegi team and are excited to continue into 2020!

Enova Illumination

They are so responsive and always provide wonderful service. Without them we couldn't have the success that we do.

True Media

The passion is there - I can tell.


Our point of contact is excellent and we're privileged for the opportunity to utilize her support and expertise to drive greater results for the client.

Influence & Co.

Coegi is a true partner in the strategic process. Coegi is the expert in the programmatic space so True Media depends on them to set forth the best recommendation possible to deliver the best results possible.

True Media

Fantastic campaign customization and customer service! The GREAT team built the perfect campaign for our small but growing company. We're really happy with the results of our digital campaigns run by Coegi. The Coegi team really understood what we needed and helped us through every step of the process.

Enova Illumination

Partnership Benefits

Programmatic Expertise

The Coegi team is made up of platform-certified professionals in paid digital media with expertise in identifying profitable audiences and delivering business outcomes across all programmatic, social and search channels.

Transparency & Control

Coegi's up-front pricing and straightforward business terms give your brand complete control and transparency over your strategy, data and media-related costs. No secret clauses, no hidden costs.

Brand Safety

Coegi utilizes both pre and post-impression brand safety solutions backed by White Ops, IAS and Moat to ensure the highest quality campaigns and results. Coegi also guarantees ad viewability in every agreement.

Technology & Channel Agnostic

Coegi learns your business goals, researches and identifies audiences and then strategizes the best tactics, technology and channels to meet your goals. Coegi has access to the best buy-side tools available including 10 DSPs, numerous platforms and 125+ data partners.

Flexible Partnerships

Coegi meets your brand where it is at in your digital media journey and acts as an extension of your marketing team. A partnership with Coegi allows us to offer a customized support structure that makes the most sense for your business and clients.

Educational Opportunities

Coegi is passionate about keeping our team (and our clients) up-to-date on the constantly evolving digital marketing industry. We want to help you become a "Digital Hero" for your brand. Level up your digital marketing IQ with our topic-focused “Coegi University” education sessions.

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