More than 80% of all digital media
is purchased programmatically

and traditional channels such as TV and audio are also increasingly being bought through programmatic channels. Managing the technology needed to keep pace with this shift is a complex and confusing maze to navigate.

Coegi streamlines programmatic media buying by providing a best-in-class technology stack and platform management team to agencies and media buyers that allows them to devote their valuable time to client strategy and service.

Coegi is founded by agency veterans

who understand what agencies and brands want from their media buys. Our pillars of Transparency, Brand Safety, Collaboration and Data Management ensure that we will always strive to deliver the highest quality and most effective results for our clients.

Our Leadership

We don’t buy media, we buy audiences

Programmatic technology and our expert specialists allow you to reach very specific target audiences, wherever they are spending time online.Reduce wasted impressions and connect with your audience on a level that drives real, meaningful results.

With real-time bidding (RTB), information about a user is collected just before they are served an ad, and reported to buyers, who then purchase inventory based on that information. Real-time bidding allows us to know who will see your ads before they are placed, guaranteeing they reach your target audience.

Simplify your digital buying

Too often, more time is spent juggling vendor relationships and consolidating reports than refining strategy and creative messaging. We make sure you’re getting the media you need to meet your goals, so you can focus on strategy and creative.

A partnership with Coegi delivers:
• Multiple platforms, one partner
• Single campaign management team
• Single, consolidated reporting across all channels
• Flexible combined budget – no minimum spend requirements
• Complete inventory control
• More of your dollars are spent on the media and less on commissions among intermediaries
• Real-time optimization and automated bidding

Brand Safety is our priority

Put your ads where you want them and keep them away from where you don’t.

Coegi utilizes leading technologies to proactively ensure that your ads are shown only in brand-safe content.

• Customize parameters to make sure content is appropriate for your brand
• Block pages with “ad clutter” and negative or adult categories
• Target viewability
• Semantic placement and ad blocking

We pride ourselves on transparency

With Coegi, you’ll know exactly where your ads ran, who saw them, and what it cost to put them there.

Rather than buying impressions across a large ad network only to get consolidated, generalized reporting, you’ll receive detailed data of where your impressions landed and the specific results they produced. More meaningful results mean greater control over your brand image.

Detailed reports, down to the tactic level, allow us to easily compare results across all channels and make adjustments in real time.

Understanding precisely how your media is performing gives you—and Coegi—deeper insight into the minds of your customers, helping you build a better campaign, from audience segmentation to creative messaging.